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For a million Kaplan patients

Israel at war
support Kaplan Medical Center
to be prepared for an emergency.

Any donation will enable us to provide better medicine.

Join the Kaplan Medical Center Health Revolution

Future projects

Among the major projects in the planning and development process: an academic campus for the health professions, the first of its kind in Israel, a new and protected surgical building, a new pediatric clinic, a new home for laboratories and institutes, the "Tomorrow Trail", a rehabilitation pool at Herzfeld Hospital, and a new entrance to the hospital

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Academic Campus, for the Health Professions, First of its kind in Israel

There are currently three schools operating at Kaplan Medical Center: Nursing School, New Immigrant Doctor Training School, X-Ray School, In addition: the Medical Innovation Center and the Medical Research Center.

The medical center’s management, headed by Prof. Triff Bader, intends to establish a first-of-its kind NIS 50 million academic campus in which the medical schools will all operate in one excellent, modern building.

New surgical building - protected


The operating rooms, surgical wards and Women’s and Newborns’ Health Center are among the cornerstones of Kaplan’s strategic plan, which includes the construction of a new NIS 70 million surgical building which will house the following medical areas.


New pediatric clinic


The various pediatric departments moved into the advanced and protected Pediatric Division building built in 2013.
The new building provides children with comprehensive, multidisciplinary medical services under one roof and is equipped with advanced state-of-the art equipment.
However, due to lack of funding the outpatient clinics have remained in temporary, outdated and unprotected buildings, and have been waiting to move to the new building for eight years.

Construction of a new residence for the laboratories and institutes


Kaplan Medical Center has excellent identification and research laboratories. The medical center has the best laboratory staffs in the country as well as the most advanced equipment available, but they are working in a very outdated structure that requires renovation.
The strategic plan includes the construction of a new, advanced building costing NIS 40 million for the laboratories and institutes.

Scientist in the Lab

The path of tomorrow


The evolution of the hospital’s development has led to a situation in which many patients walk between the various departments, from the ER to imaging and inpatient departments, and have difficulty finding their way. The new strategic plan includes the creation of an architectural, pleasant and useful pathway connecting the ER, inpatient and imaging departments, and Ophthalmology and Women’s Health departments, at a cost of NIS 1.5 million.

Purchase of medical equipment Innovative and advanced

Promotion, development and training of medical and professional teams

Funding for groundbreaking research activities

Development of the environment and hospitalization spaces

The Friends of Kaplan Medical Center works to realize the medical center's vision: to promote innovative and advanced medicine - for the sake of about one million residents of the area, for their health, well-being and for the quality of medical services provided to them. The association raises donations through support circles of donors, friends and traveling partners - in Israel and abroad


Something good is happening at Kaplan Medical Center - and you are welcome to join

Corona deployment
Donation for the purchase of an ultrasound device to the Department of Emergency Medicine - to prevent the transport of omicron patients

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Wig for every woman
Free wig for all cancer patients in Israel

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Members of the association

טריף בדר.jpeg

Prof. Tarif Bader
Kaplan CEO & Board memeber

איל לוי.jpg

Eyal Levy 
  Chairman of the Association

עמוס שביט.jpg

Amos Shavit
CEO of the association


Prof. Asher Tischler
Member of the association's board


Adv. Yitzhak Pasternak
Legal Counsel


Adv. Shmuel Bar Danzan
Member of an association

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-29 at 16.00_edited.jpg

Bella Ovadia
Management Company

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-29 at 13.46.03.jpeg

Yigal Ovadia
Chairman of the Finance Committee

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-29 at 15.59.57.jpeg

David Tzri
Chairman of the Audit Committee

אלימלך כץ.jpeg

Elimelech Katz
Member of an association

אבי קינד.jpg

Avi Kind
Board member

דר יאיר כוכב.jpeg

Dr. Yair Cochav
Board member


Hofit Adahan
Assistant to the CEO

מיכל צפריר.jpeg

Michal Zafrir
Board member

יוסי הכט.jpeg

Yosi Hecht
Board member

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-26 at 16.39.08.jpeg

Itzik Katz
Donors Relations Manager

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